About Us

Many thanks for visiting our website!

My name is Carl von Bahr and I am the founder and owner of Attentio Solutions AB. I am very pleased you have taken your time to visit our website and I hope you find it of great interest!

We are your outsourced purchaser, we help you to identify suppliers that fulfils your demand on price, quality and delivery performance.

Over the years we have met hundreds of suppliers, ranging from really bad to excellent ones. Of course, it is difficult to choose. Maybe the excellent one is "over the top". Based on our customer’s needs, we can offer a shortcut to a supplier that is the perfect match.

We are engaged in the whole process, from supplier identification to final delivery of mass production. We also offer local warehousing in Sweden to enable more regular deliveries of smaller batches.

But what does it cost? Traditionally, companies like ours charge per hour or per project. But how can you know if our service fulfils your expectations? You can't. Therefore we offer our service on performance, "no cure, no pay". You give us all data needed to source a suitable supplier incl target price. Our mission is to reach (or better undercut) your target price. All cost, incl our compensation, has to be within the target price. Then it is up to you to decide if you want to continue or not. Have we not managed to reach your target price, presumably you don't want to move on. And your cost is zero. But if we have been successful, hopefully you want to move on. So, no risk on your side! Can it be better?

We have 25 years’ experience and are proud to have many very satisfied customers, ranging from small local companies to multinationals.

You are welcome to try us out, after all it is free, nothing to lose!

Should you still have questions, please get back to us and we will be pleased to answer them! And, of course, we appreciate any comment you may have to our offering and advice for further improvements! Please mail me directly on carl.von.bahr@attentiosolutions.com.

With my very best regards!

Carl von Bahr