Purchasing Agent Service

We are your outsourced purchaser, with the overall aim to lower your purchasing cost. We are totally independent and source suppliers that meet your requirements on price, quality and delivery performance. And we are paid on performance!

What is Purchasing Agent Service?

Most commonly known is Sales Agent Service. A Sales Agent assists their customers in selling. We don’t do that. We assist our customers in buying. Purchasing Agent Service is a service offered to buyers, to assist them in their job to source the most reliable and cost effective suppliers.

Who is it for?

Our service is offered to buyers interested to buy from China. We have been sourcing from China since 1995 and have over the years built up a network of very reliable suppliers. And we offer you a shortcut to them. We are particularly strong in producing OEM products and you can see some of the products here.

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How it works

  • You post a Purchasing Request (incl target price) to us
  • We search a suitable supplier
  • We come back to you with a quote (our compensation included)
  • If quote accepted, we arrange samples
  • If samples accepted, a pre-series can be ordered
  • If pre-series accepted, mass production can be ordered
  • If mass production accepted, we get paid
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We are paid on performance. Only if we successfully reach (or under-cut) your target price, we get paid

  • Shortcut to reliable suppliers, carefully selected on proven performance.

  • Benefit from China’s advantages, without having to travel there.

  • Assistance in contract negotiations.

  • Order management service (samples and mass production).

  • Consolidation of shipments to lower shipping rate.

  • Logistics solutions (incl local distribution center) to shorten delivery time despite buying from China.